Magic Of Oil Painting’s Bob Ross Becomes Spiritual Leader

SANTA ROSA, CA—Artist Bob Ross underwent a recent metamorphosis and is now painting souls. The painter founded the “Happy Little Trees” Ashram in the Redwood Forests of Northern California. Bob’s goal he says is “to bring out the happy little tree in everyone” through painting, meditating and sniffing copious amounts of oil paint.


It’s a kind of Neo–Hippie commune for the new century nestled in the picturesque hills and valleys of the Redwoods near the coastline.


“There’s never been a Spiritual Guru with a ‘fro as beautiful as Bob’s” says Religious Scholar Professor Heinrick Jordan.


“What we’re seeing here is the birth of a new archetype” says Jungian Analyst Dr. Walter Hanson. “Previously in human history, afros were only first seen represented culturally in 70’s funk bands and professional NBA players such as Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving. Also in TV heroes like John Shaft and Linc Hayes of the Mod Squad.”


“Maybe the Mothership has landed. Perhaps George Clinton was predicting the coming of a new spiritual leader—a gentle soul with a ‘fro, a gentle soul who paints, taught children of all ages love for nature, love for happy little trees, lakes, rivers, mountains, flowers…sorry I’m starting to cry” added Dr. Hanson.


“God always slips under the radar” says Reverend Waylon Jensen. “Mr. Rogers—whoo wee, that brother was a mean jazz pianist fo’ sho [sic]. We all grew up watching Bob paint right in front of our eyes for years—saw the beauty, the ‘magic’ he created in just a half hour show. Now I look back and see every episode as a Miracle, every episode a different sermon on beauty. Only now is the world realizing the Spiritual Giant he is. He’s an easel Jesus!! Amen.”


“Bob always spoke of happy little trees. Now he’s among the tall trees—the Redwoods because he became a big tree” says follower Sunshine MoonFlower.

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Happy Little Trees (HLT) Ashram is meant to be an “open canvas” welcoming people from all faiths and walks of life and contains orchards and organic gardens of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Residents and attendees attend Bob’s popular “The Yoga of Painting Your Life” Workshops & Seminars and “Paint by Numbers” lectures.


“If you water the little trees you become a big tree—this is one of the principles we learn from Bob’s teachings” says Seymour Heston, a retired engineer from Fort Worth, Texas. “It’s one of the Spiritual Laws of Thermodynamics. Some politicians say God loves guns, but Bob has shown me that God loves paintbrushes.”


“Saints and Angels with afros is a new paradigm for humanity” says Theologian Byron Watkins of Atlanta, Georgia. “I bet all the Renaissance painters would want a time machine right now! Too bad DeLorean went out of business.”


“The vital questions before us now are ‘Why were Old School Angels partial to particular hairdos? Straight or curly, straight or curly. What’s God got against afros?’ This may signal the coming of a new Messiah—the coming of the AfroChrist—and Bob is like the messenger, the ‘John the Baptist'” explained Watkins.


“Bob taught me how to paint my life with the colors it was missing” said Stockbroker Chad Arnold of Long Island. “I made millions by the time I was 30 but my only color was green.”


Can you say “Happy Little Sea cliffs?” Well if you can, you’ll enjoy seeing these there too—as impressive as the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and you’ll also get to see Bob paint them too. HLT Ashram is as idyllic as the Kripalu Center (Stockbridge, MA) and Canyon Ranch (Lenox, MA) both of which are nestled in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. All of Bob’s retreats promise clean air, clean food and water and of course clean paintbrushes. For those interested in going to a retreat to empty your mind’s canvas at Happy Little Trees Ashram, call 555 HAPPYLT or go online at www.paintyoursoul.bob

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