When In Doubt, Listen To Man With Longer Beard #27: Meditation, Aphorisms & Yoga Sage Brushes With Wisdom

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What follows is a grocery list of things I've learned from life and various approaches to living exploring Creativity & Spirituality---being an artist, student of meditation, regular fasting & yoga, internal yearning towards higher consciousness and becoming a more creative being for positive transformation. These are general principles and observations I try to live by and navigate the wilderness of Maya with. Some are Confucius sounding hence the jest with the title if the long bearded Chinese sage wanted to narcissistically self--aggrandize himself.

Here's the twenty--seventh batch of Zen Brownies---Tasty, mouth--watering morsels to reduce consumption of bad karma and sweeten the recipe of your life:


1. The early church was an enemy of science. These days corporations and industries are enemies of science restricting more enlightened methods and inventions in the name of their own self preservation and profit.

2. If you fall in love with your viewpoints, how will you ever meet Higher Consciousness?

3. Instead of spending time and energy pursuing trivial goals, focus on your creativity, imagination and Spirituality. You'll free yourself from boredom and experience peace and contentment from the inside out as opposed to trying to acquire it outside yourself.

4. The paradigm of emotions and intellect is not Enlightenment.

5. Reasons for war should be examined deeper than soundbites and headlines. The lives of our youth are worth more than someone else's stock portfolio.

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6. People can profess a faith and attend church regularly and still be Spiritually starving or bankrupt. Text is only a photograph of what it's like to be at a certain level of consciousness. Being there is the goal.

7. No method is applicable to all situations and scenarios. All systems unravel under certain circumstances and the continued practicing of them does not constitute a solution.

8. Growing is a process of casting off who you thought you were like the skin a chameleon.

9. People spend their entire lives wishing for frivolous things. At the end of their lives, they may wish they had simply wished for a life without disease, suffering and struggle.

10. With regular Meditation, you'll experience moments that peer into Eternity, that trigger gasps reminding you that there's greater beauty in the Universe beyond anything in this world.

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