When In Doubt, Listen To Man With Longer Beard #29: Meditation, Aphorisms & Yoga Sage Brushes With Wisdom


What follows is a grocery list of things I’ve learned from life and various approaches to living exploring Creativity & Spirituality—being an artist, student of meditation, regular fasting & yoga, internal yearning towards higher consciousness and becoming a more creative being for positive transformation. These are general principles and observations I try to live by and navigate the wilderness of Maya with. Some are Confucius sounding hence the jest with the title if the long bearded Chinese sage wanted to narcissistically self–aggrandize himself.

Here’s the twenty–ninth batch of Zen BrowniesTasty, mouth–watering morsels to reduce consumption of bad karma and sweeten the recipe of your life:


1. Recorded history is just the current pop music on the planet. It’s also anthropocentric. There’s all this other music the planet has heard that people never will.

2. The war that matters most is liberation from your ego. Turn the binoculars inward to find where the real enemies and traitors are.

3. If you’re always in a hurry, how in control of your life are you? People think it makes them important when in reality makes them numb, distracted and asleep. It makes people’s consciousness scattered and paper thin. If you are truly in control of your life, then you wouldn’t be in a rush or hurry all the time.

4. Junk food is addictive and nutrient deficient, the perfect combination to have long term customers which is the intent at the price of your long term health.

5. You can have feelings. Don’t let them have you.

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6. Money, knowledge and power in the hands of degenerated thinking is a vineyard of evil.

7. Don’t waste time with the secondhand battles of the ego. They’re just diversionary skirmishes keeping you in the prison of it’s identities of race, country, religion and gender wearing the blindfold of pride.

8. The inside jokes of the Universe are so worth it.

9. There’s Higher Consciousness and then there’s “success” here. The level of consciousness needed to become a millionaire or billionaire isn’t very high. The fact remains you cannot buy Higher Consciousness with money.

10. When you take off the blindfold of ignorance, don’t be surprised it was you who was the assassin of your Soul.

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