When In Doubt, Listen To Man With Longer Beard #30: Meditation, Aphorisms & Yoga Sage Brushes With Wisdom

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What follows is a grocery list of things I've learned from life and various approaches to living exploring Creativity & Spirituality---being an artist, student of meditation, regular fasting & yoga, internal yearning towards higher consciousness and becoming a more creative being for positive transformation. These are general principles and observations I try to live by and navigate the wilderness of Maya with. Some are Confucius sounding hence the jest with the title if the long bearded Chinese sage wanted to narcissistically self--aggrandize himself.

Here's the thirtieth batch of Zen Brownies---Tasty, mouth--watering morsels to reduce consumption of bad karma and sweeten the recipe of your life:


1. We outgrow people. We outgrow things. We outgrow identities. Most often, no one will tell you when that identity is too small for you. Avoid the advice of those afraid of losing who they need you to be at the expense of your growth.

2. Religion in the hands of tribal groups, cultures, and societies is often a dangerous thing. It creates a rigid exclusivity, a mob and hive mentality more willing to engage in violence while suppressing self individualization and personal growth.

3. Don't let your happiness and dreams be sacrificed to the false god of appearances.

4. Most people aren't aware of what they're creating. Most of the time it's chaos, duality, and separation from harmony. Unconscious creation from all these uncontrolled rampant conflicting thoughts and emotions makes them prisoners in the jail without walls they unknowingly create for themselves.

5. There are consequences to thoughts and actions beyond what is seen and experienced in this world. Laws are for those asleep to the realities of Karma.

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6. What you haven't defeated in your youth becomes more pronounced and powerful with age. Becoming more Spiritually mature and aware means realizing the oil spills of your inner chaos out in the world are your responsibility to clean up and cap at the source.

7. If you knew how long it took you to get to this point in your Existence, you wouldn't so willingly slide down the ladder of de--evolution chasing material things and material pleasures.

8. Visit India, and one of two things will happen after you return: Your life will completely get better or your life will completely fall apart then get better. Either way it's because the you that returned is no longer compatible with the you that came before.

9. Beginning to cry for things beyond this world is happiness for a Yogi. Crying for things other than the bondage of the body, it's material needs, desires and attachments, is the sound of connecting to Higher Freedoms.

10. All the accolades, degrees, rewards, wealth, admiration, and success in the world is small compared to achieving constant contact with the Illuminating Void, the Lightless Light, the Divine Womb of Emptiness.

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