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We believe creativity, regular meditation, physical exercise, and a clean healthy diet & lifestyle of Organic food are interrelated, synergistic and additive. Our aim is to inspire people by highlighting musical creativity and related creative media from around the world as well as providing tips and methods for improving and expanding creativity and accessing more of it at higher levels of functioning. Put another way, if the level of creativity seen on the planet thus far is what it is in spite of stress, lack of peace and stillness, lack of higher consciousness, poor diet, processed foods, genetically modified foods (GMOs), pesticide, preservative and chemically laden foods, “rock star living”, drug, alcohol and substance abuse, greed, ego, narcissism, etc., imagine what it COULD be without any of those shackles and hindrances. Dreaming that world into reality happens one person at a time. Remember: Daily steps and changes lead to long term transformation. Let’s IMAGINE further than John Lennon, and only by correcting and realigning these underlying pillars in each of us can we achieve the larger, more idealistic positive global changes we sing about in pop songs.

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Composer Yoga is an online magazine (ezine) with various sections, features & columns. Articles and writings on the site touch on one or more of the following topics:

    • Music & Music Appreciation (Multi Genre)
    • Music & Books Relating To Music Reviews
    • Tips For Creativity & How To Enhance It
    • Practice Tips
    • Inspirational Articles
    • Travel Articles 
    • Meditation & Using Music As Mediation
    • Health, Diet & Exercise And How It Relates to Composing, Writing & Performing
    • Humor
    • Miscellaneous Riffing On Various Topics

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Composer Yoga is the combined collective experiences and diverse yet interconnected diaries of love of all things music, pop culture commentary, piano and guitar playing, songwriting, composing, practicing, performing, concert & event videography, world travel, yoga, meditation, spiritual practice, creativity, healthy diet and lifestyle and armchair Musical Anthropology.


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Disclaimer: The articles on this site are for informational/educational purposes only and is not medical advice. Consult your physician or health care professional before beginning a diet or exercise program.

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