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Supplement For Yogi Bodybuilders

What’s the premier supplement for Yogi bodybuilders?


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The best tasting superfoods greens powder available! Organic ‰Û¢ Paleo ‰Û¢ Raw ‰Û¢ Gluten & Soy Free ‰Û¢ Vegan. No juicing or blending required.


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Christmas Tree Pizza

Vegans rejoice in this Yuletide culinary cuisine…Behold:






Organic green peppers: Cut the tree out of a flat side of pepper.

Organic onions: Cut out the tinsel and star. You can also use any kind of cashew/nut/vegetable cheese.

Organic pizza or pasta sauce

Organic Sourdough Spelt crust (or use gluten free crust)

Use an X-Acto knive or another small sharp knife for better precision cutting.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to give Santa a slice!!

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Pizza Snowman: Crusty The Snowman


Get some Extra Points this Super Bowl or make your Holiday Parties Gastronomical with Crusty The Snowman!!


Recipe to keep them running back for more:

***All Pro Organic Ingredients***


Crusty The Snowman…Organic goat cheese

You can use cow’s milk cheese if you don’t have digestive issues with it. If not goat, sheep or buffalo cheese are easier to digest. For vegans, there are better and healthier plant based substitutes than soy now like cashew, vegetable or coconut based cheese. I’ve taken a liking to Heidi Ho brand vegan cheese which you can find at Whole Foods and other natural food stores.


Top hat…Kalamata olives (sliced, you can also use one to make him throwing a football)
Eyes…Cacao nibs (raw chocolate)
Smile…Bee pollen
Snow on ground…Coconut chips (Medium shred dried coconut can be used as well)

All on an Organic sourdough Spelt crust with tomato sauce. You can use the traditional pizza ingredient of tomato paste, your favorite pasta sauce or salsa for a spicier kick off!

Spelt is a cousin of wheat that’s easier to digest. There are gluten free pizza crusts as well made out of millet, quinoa, tapioca, chickpea, etc. There are also vegetable based crusts like cauliflower.


No corn cob pipe here! Crusty quit smoking for his New Year’s Resolution. His cousin Frosty on the other hand, fell on a nicotine patch and won’t be running here and there all around the square saying, “Catch me if you can” anytime soon.

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The best tasting superfoods greens powder available! Organic • Paleo • Raw • Gluten & Soy Free • Vegan. No juicing or blending required.

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16:9 FREE EPISODE-Secrets to Health-How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs S01Ep01

Supreme Court, Fairy Godmother Agency Give Two Thumbs Up To GMOs And Brand Name Drugs

WASHINGMACHINE, D.C.>>In a 2013 ruling, the US Supreme Court decided that if you take generic drugs and experience negative effects or negative consequences, you then have no legal recourse for a lawsuit. You have to pay through the nose (and perhaps other body cavities) and buy the brand name of the same chemical substance to gain these legal rights now. But lawsuits won't be necessary according to lawmakers because the FGA, The Fairy Godmother Agency turned brand name drugs into super helpful harmless potions.

"Once your stomach sees the brand name logo, it knows it's ingesting a way better substance than a cheap generic version of the same thing." says Biochemist Rowland Blowfitz of Twerck Pharmaceuticals.

This works much the same way shoes with Nike printed on them help you run faster or clothing with Hollister written on it help you gain status in your peer group, attract your dream boyfriend and make it more likely to be voted Prom Queen. As to why places in California that even Californians don't care to live become brand names still remains a mystery but that's besides the point.

But hold on to your GMO Tricorn hats as the magic wand gets waved yet again---SHAZAAM!!

Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) and milk treated with the rBGH (bovine growth hormone) have been found not significantly different than Organic or non--chemically grown food. There is the inconvenient fact that they have been deemed significantly different to be granted patents by another government agency, the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) but this is easily explained:

"When you eat GMO foods, the patents magically wear off and it turns into safe normal harmless food kinda like Cinderella thanks to our lovely Fairy Godmother Agency" says Missouri Senator Barry Pinkham and former VP of Biotech behemoth, Monster Santo. "Ignorance may indeed be bliss---but as an added bonus, it's also way more profitable for the economy."

"We're moving forward with double blind science that's gone through cutting edge studies or something like that" says Monster Santo CEO Kip Wingnut.

"This company was founded on concerns for public safety, just not those of Vietnamese origin. Our Agent Orange was like an FBI GMO Man of his time" added Wingnut.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree on keeping the American public safe and worry free and that means keeping foods with GMOs and GMO ingredients unlabeled thus "hidden" so they won't fall into the hands of our enemies.

"California Proposition 37 was obviously a Communist plot. Good thing we stopped than Commie bastard granny using the sob story she's concerned about what her grandchildren are eating---we're all heard that one before" says Missouri Governor Tyke Coon. "Better dead than red, like those fictional lab rats in those long term studies done outside the United States by French scientists. French scientists---Now there's an oxymoron [laughs]. Everyone knows the short term industry funded clinical studies submitted to the FGA were the real deal. The integrity of our corporate science assures the world that Genetically Modified Food will never become an oxymoron like Pop Culture or Reality TV."

Governor Coon also sported a fashionable apron printed with the newly unveiled 'industry derision of French cuisine' slogan "Biotech is the New Iron Chef" courtesy of one of the finest overpriced Public Relations firms on Madison Avenue. "They're just peeved they never thought of splicing Bt toxin in potatoes. It's like they invented the French Fry sure, but our country made it ooh là là gourmet with some biotech ketchup" chided Coon.

Proud American Harry Palmer says he's honored and fortunate to live in a country that's honest and never jerks him around. "Gosh, there's so much magic here in America, I bet the rest of the world is jealous they don't have as many Wizards in government as we do" he proclaims.

These corporate fairy tales with happy endings are truly heartwarmingly amazing: the right stuff like the legendary massage parlors of Thailand. Who needs Lord of the Rings when America is so chock full of Gandalfs in government? Judicial Jedis guarding the Republic for which it scams. The official music the Supreme Court Marshall plays for America's storybook marriage of industry and government is a regal Paytriotic rendition of "Here Comes The Bribe."

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