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Self Defense for Sexual Assault

Since there’s more and more news about sexual assault and sexual harassment these days, here’s some basic information on self defense.

I know not everyone is going to take a self–defense course or register to carry mace so here’s some things you can do to defend yourself that don’t require any specialized skill. Of course it would be nice to whip out a Lightsaber and slice the arm of an attacker like Obi–Wan did to that schmuck at Mos Eisley Spaceport.

Not everyone has the luxury of being a Mafia daughter. Ever notice how this stuff never happens to them? Because if you’re dumb enough do that, you’ll at the very least need help brushing your teeth the rest of your life.

One of the things about a lot of men in their teens and 20’s nowadays is they’ve never been in a fist fight with anyone. So they don’t know if they can take a punch. They don’t know what a punch feels like and it’s definitely not pleasant. This can be used as an advantage—the shock of being hit for the first time.

1. Hammerfists

This is done by clenching your fists tightly and raining blows down on an attackers face/head from above like you are slinging hammers. Two hammers coming down on someone’s face who shouldn’t have been in your face to begin with; Like you are a drummer playing drums with your fists. Think Chris Hemsworth in Thor. Hammerfists are your Thor’s hammers.

This type of punch is not allowed in professional boxing. It is a way to generate a lot of force and is useful when an attacker has grabbed you and/or when you are close or standing still—you don’t need to back up to hit someone.

Jumping up and down can add to the impact, and you can switch to this after you’ve already stung an attacker. Hammer them like a nail to the ground and run away to somewhere safe then get to a Police station.

Try a Hammerfist compared to a horizontal punch and see how much harder you can hit from above than throwing a punch like in boxing.

Skilled Martial Artists can knock someone down flat with one Hammerfist—not a slow backwards fall, a “Spagetti Legs” collapse. I experienced this playing Nerf football (so much for safer) taking a blow to the side of the head.

The other thing is when you are shorter than the attacker, you have to punch up at them which can limit the impact. Hammerfist is a more natural motion of the entire arm—this is how we’re hardwired to run. Watch Olympic sprinters and see the arms pumping up and down like pistons for speed and power in Hammerfist motion.

I had a few fist fights in my life I never went looking for but sometimes it’s the only way to get someone to leave you alone. From those, I learned I could take horizontal punches in the face, stay standing and keep punching—and those were against guys who are stronger than women. And I’m no Rocky Balboa. So don’t think normal punching is the best way to ward off an attacker especially if you don’t practice this kind of thing regularly.

2. Go for the neck

Land any kind of blow to the front (preferably) or side of the neck: punch, forearm, side arm Hammerfist, Spear Hand (when you tightly hold your hand in the shape of a spear).

Spear Hand is a Martial Arts move and will impact the throat with the 3 longest fingers. Because of it’s small profile as opposed to a fist, it can sneak in where a fist may be blocked. If you don’t think 3 fingers will hurt, hit yourself in the neck lightly with them. That part of the body isn’t exactly a turtle shell.

Land some blows and run away to somewhere safe, call someone you trust if you’re not able to drive safely & get to a Police station immediately. Don’t hang out to see if they need medical attention. They weren’t going to give you any measure of sympathy.

Don’t hang out to see if they need medical attention. They weren’t going to give you any measure of sympathy.

Spear Hand is thrown in normal punch motion. Palms can be facing down, upward or slanted facing left or right if you are left or right handed, whatever gives you an “in” to land a blow. Think of it like a cobra striking the neck.

If an attacker has grabbed you from the front facing you and there’s little to no space to hit the neck from the front, you can curve the Spear Hand and hit the sides of the neck—you don’t need a large range of motion for any kind of blow to the neck to hurt.

Playing sports growing up I’ve experienced all kinds of accidents and injuries—broken bones, dislocation, cuts, gashes, pain and bruises, concussion.

I’ve gotten accidentally hit in the kidney (illegal punch in boxing), and taken groin shots. In both cases, as well as broken bones, a little Sgt. Barnes from Platoon could have appeared on my shoulder telling me “Take the pain”, and I did. It hurt but I was able to function and keep going. I also wouldn’t panic or worry if I was bleeding—”I ain’t got time to bleed.”

The scariest thing that happened to me though was accidentally taking a blow to the neck. I paid the price for that layup (basketball). This is one of the reasons boxers fight chin down to not expose the neck*. If a boxer gets hit in the neck, it’s pretty much the end of the fight. They’re back in after groin shots and often kidney shots though.

*Chin fully to chest is also what friends and I do for turbulence on flights


Think of it this way: The thing everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Screech on Saved By The Bell have in common is we’re all 10–15 minutes of oxygen away from leaving this dimension at any given time. A blow to the neck is a kink in the fuel line. You kink the fuel line, you shut down the machine.

A blow to the neck is a kink in the fuel line. You kink the fuel line, you shut down the machine.

What happens with a blow to the neck is fear, panic and self–preservation taking over. The neck swells and there’s a reduction of oxygen, you want to curl up and protect yourself, it’s tough even to stand up, and it takes much longer to recuperate because it’s a scary experience to a very vulnerable part of the body.

Lions, cheetahs & leopards kill by suffocation. Even the lower animal kingdom knows it’s own weak spots.

If someone has you pinned down, their face and neck will be exposed but it’s more difficult to thwart. If you can still do these 2 mentioned above, they’ll still hurt even really close without full range of motion.

Fingernails jabbed or pressed into the neck can be done if you cannot punch, bite fingers, go Mike Tyson (bite) on the dirtbag’s ear if you have to. But ideally you want to shut it down before it ever gets this far—in other words, land as many blows while you are still standing.

Knees and elbows are among the strongest parts of the body and can take a lot of force. If you are being grabbed from behind, elbows into the chest/face can stun an attacker enough to escape and run. Keep them close to your body and go straight up/back for maximum impact (a motion like you are on an elliptical machine at the gym or power walking).

A blow to the breastbone or diaphragm area can knock the wind out of someone. It’s happened to me a few times in sports. In professional football, you’ll even see 250 pound men in full gear need a few minutes to stare at the sky to recoup after getting hit in the center of the chest.

If you see a lot of blood from Hammerfists, it’s probably a broken nose. The end part of it breaks easily and when they’re bleeding that much, they’ll have problems breathing and leave so much DNA everywhere for Forensics that they’ll get a nice orange jumpsuit and feel what it’s like to be raped themselves in prison. You reap what you sow.

Being followed/stalked:

It’s happened to me in a foreign country. I’ve also been targeted by thieves in popular tourist areas. See it before it happens and shut their window to act down. Be aware of your surroundings, who’s around you and stop looking at your cellphone every 5 minutes. Attackers prey on distracted, drunk/stoned/under the influence of drugs people and thrive on the element of surprise.

When I’m doing photography/video outside, I’m either not listening to my iPod or I only have one earbud in my ear. I need to hear what’s going on around me for my safety. Jogging with 2 earbuds in isn’t safe for even street traffic in the daytime never mind hearing if someone is approaching you or hiding nearby.

These are what I would do if I was attacked: Land a few blows then get out of there ASAP.

Land a few blows then get out of there ASAP

There’s too many unknowns to hang around even if I had gained the upper hand—You don’t know if the attacker has any kind or weapon or if there’s other people in on this and the attacker is just the first one to lure you in. Many people including trained Martial Artists have paid the price because they stuck around too long—the assailant had a weapon and used it out of spite, humiliation and frustration.

Learn to avoid risky situations before they happen. Hopefully you won’t have to use this information but practice doing these. This will help commit them to muscle memory if needed in situations where shock and panic can overtake you and freeze you from acting. In those situations you will not have time to think. Just knowing this intellectually may not be enough in a real world scenario.

As musicians, dancers, Martial Artists, athletes, etc., we practice the same moves hundreds and thousands of times so we can do things automatically, quickly and effortlessly.

Remember The Karate Kid? “Wax on, wax off?” Mr. Miyagi had Daniel do the Karate moves hundreds of times so he committed them to muscle memory (which is faster than having to think about what you should do). And when Daniel needed to, he was able to pull out a tool box of moves that was quick and automatic to attack and defend himself.

Be prepared that with any emotional or physical trauma that you will not be thinking clearly and have weird/inappropriate thoughts afterwards. When I broke my arm as a boy, my first reaction was laughing that I’d be missing school. The “Dude your arms in pieces” reality of the situation didn’t set in until later even though I looked right at it and knew that’s not how an arm should look.

I’ve also been close to Vets in my family who had PTSD their entire lives—though marriage, kids, church, careers, etc. So expect that as well (flashbacks and things triggering unpleasant memories) and go to a therapist or counselor to diffuse it as much as you can as soon afterwards as you can.

Don’t think being in love or falling in love by itself will heal it. Pop songs and movies aren’t reality. Don’t wait years for it to ferment and build up momentum. It’s bad enough it had to happen in the first place but the emotional aftereffects can continue to be crippling years later if untreated. Don’t let it continue to assault you the rest of your life. It takes courage to fight back. Continue being a survivor and get professional help.

© Composer Yoga

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Thanksgiving, Gratitude And Emotional Alchemy

Sometimes brief encounters are more life shaping and single experiences more life defining than the vast catalog of experiences we draw from. Instead, these actually draw us with their unique distinctive nature and personalization.


Serious injuries give you a much different perspective on life—


A perspective most people never get the “benefit” of internalizing via direct experience. Empathy can only extrapolate so far. Though they’re unfortunate and painful to the victim, they are teachers that cauterize knowledge into us through multiple layers of our Being.


Injuries are a most humbling experience. The most basic thing most of us take for granted, a normally functioning body, is suddenly not there. In a second, you’re knocked back down an ancient chromosomal ladder.


The Road Down

When I was ten, I suffered a compound fracture to my arm. The bone from the shoulder to the elbow cracked in half (not a “clean” break) and the two bones going from the elbow to the wrist twisted and reversed position. It was a mess. I could feel it was a mess without even seeing it.


The moment of impact, it was like someone unplugged all my senses and all I saw was black. Pitch black. I don’t know if I was out for a second or several. I came to while lying on the ground, turned my head to the side to look at my arm without needing to know what I already knew.


I remember I could feel my arm but sensorily knowing that if I tried to move it, it wouldn’t work the way it always did before. And I didn’t want to know what that mashing of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments now felt like if I had tried to move it. Electrically it felt differently as well. On some level, I felt I still had an arm but physically it wasn’t matching that Etheric blueprint anymore.


Adrenalin thankfully numbs excruciating pain but it also makes you think and feel strange things. My first thought was “Well, I’m going to be missing some school” and laughing inside about it. And I always liked school.


Then the reality sets in. I could not move a part of my body. You wish ambulances were hovercrafts. And in the Emergency Room, that’s when I found out there really are needles the size Bugs Bunny might have stashed in his fur.


A hypodermic needle going into your bone and depositing fluid is a feeling I could not even vocalize. Who knew we have nerves inside our bones? That was ANYTHING but a pleasant discovery. It crossed the point where my brain couldn’t distinguish it as extreme pain or extreme pleasure.


The Road Back

I had a cast on for six months. Had to take baths a certain way, sleep a certain way, have a special bus pick me up and bring me home from school. I watched my brother and neighborhood friends play outside and couldn’t participate. I put models together and made use of my time doing other creative things.


After the long wait, my surgeon finally took the cast off and the pins out. For six months I was a better weather forecaster than anyone…”Trust me it’s going to rain.” My arm now looked like a see through medical model, like those Visible Man and Woman kits. It was whiter than a vampire, and the skin was so translucent I could see things normal skin pigment obscures.


Once the cast was removed, I had to relearn how to use my arm again. It took months. It hurt. It was weak. It was frustrating. It became a series of little victories. And every victory counts.



Ten years went by and I went to see the same surgeon for a minor injury I had in college. There we were face to face again a decade or so after he put me back together as a 10 year old boy. A college guy and by then a surgeon in his mid fifties who’s done thousands of operations before me and thousands afterwards.


Tears in the corners of both our eyes.

None of the “Hi, how are you doing” or other Physician/Patient formalities.

“Lemme see” he said gesturing for me to roll up my sleeve as he came over to me and looked at his resculpturing of my arm.

He remembered me. He remembered that operation on my arm. He was as genuinely happy seeing his success years later as I had been living it.


What do you say to the person who gave you your arm back?


Somehow I managed to say “You did a great job” over a surge of backlogged emotions that was muting my vocal chords with the momentum of tears.


I finally got to thank him as an adult. There was a therapeutic closure in doing that.


I’m never at a loss for words but that reunion was one of those moments for me. The only time in my life I was speechless. I’ve given several eulogies about people I was close to and kept it together in front of people amidst the sadness of such events.


But that moment of gratitude in that room with him broke my normal centeredness down like nothing else. It was just such a devastatingly humbling experience.


Do you know what it’s like to not be able to pick your own self up off the ground? Be carried out on a stretcher? I learned that at 10 years old. I wonder how many dictators, terrorists and warlords would become dictators, terrorists and warlords if they learned what that feels like at 10 years old.


The injury happened playing sports where I was hit and landed on my elbow during a football game. Even with all the protective gear worn you can still get badly injured.


And this doesn’t include long term accumulative damage which is gaining more scientific traction with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) in current and retired NFL players. Along with boxers, I would include Professional Wrestlers in that category as well even though it’s a “pretend” sport.


My Surgeon was decades ahead of the research curve on the long term damage of football. They didn’t even have a name for it back then. He told my mother adolescent boys should not be playing tackle football— that because they’re still growing, injuries can create lasting damage and may never heal properly.


I never played organized tackle football again. I wore an elbow pad when I played outdoors from then on. And in the neighborhood, we switched to two hand touch “tackling” though there were some slip ups out of our earlier habit of tackling each other.


My mother told me years later that he talked with her before the operation. He informed her that he wasn’t sure he would be able to repair my arm to full mobility due to the severity and jaggedness of the fracture. I was told I may not be able to touch my shoulder again after the cast came off and not to expect to regain the full range of motion.


I still have a scar on my arm several inches long. I really don’t care. I don’t have any concerns for vanity of appearance about it because my arm works again. From my perspective, the things most people are concerned about and worry constantly about relating to peer pressure and “fitting in” seem so trivial in a post injury world.


The Right Kind Of Tears

I see now that it was a blessing that I felt that level of gratitude at 20 years old instead of having to wait to the last years of my life. Why wait til you wipe your feet on death’s doorstep to feel gratitude? There’s plenty of things in your life right now you can practice on.


Gratitude is a muscle that needs exercising just like an arm or leg.


And gratitude is a more highly evolved emotion that benefits long term health and the immune system. Feeling and practicing feeling highly evolved emotions is transformative and even medicinal.


Studies have shown gratitude lowers blood pressure, improves relaxation and resistance to stress. It slows breathing and heart rate providing a sanctuary of calm in your life.


It’s calming, cathartic and continual. I still cry about this man now and then to this day. They’re the right kind of tears. I don’t cry anymore about close relatives and friends I’ve lost because the normal healthy grieving process ran it’s course and has been transmuted into gratitude for knowing them and treasured memories.


But some gratitude will always be bigger than you and that’s a good thing. I’m glad I still cry when I think about the Surgeon who gave me my arm back.


Movies about love stories don’t really make me cry. Movies and stories about friendship, loyalty and camaraderie always do and always have.


Emotional Alchemy

Gratitude is emotional alchemy and turns lower base emotions into gold.


I look at the current social, cultural and political landscape and see masses of people getting Ds and Fs in gratitude.They’re stuck fighting and arguing in lower untransmuted emotions of anger, hatred, intolerance, fear and aggression. All toxic emotions dangerous and volatile to others including and ESPECIALLY the host.


It doesn’t matter if you’re Conservative and don’t drink or smoke. You’re drinking and smoking a bunch of toxic emotions already. At some point it will cash a check your body can’t cover and you’ll wake up to a health crisis.


Just taking care of yourself on the physical level with a healthy diet and exercise won’t get you unlimited brownie points over negative unevolved emotions accumulated over years and decades.


There’s a better healthier practice. Instead of increasing feelings and perceptions of distance and difference with toxic emotions, gratitude folds emotional space onto itself and builds connections. Gratitude is a bridge.


Did someone tell you you can write well?

Did someone tell you you have a great voice or can sing?

Did someone tell you you’re talented?

Did someone tell you you’re really good at this or that?


Those are all gifts. You don’t need 30 people to tell you the same thing. Really all it takes is one. You can be that one to someone else.


A few genuine words can change someone’s entire trajectory in life. A few moments of genuine attention towards someone can make an enormous difference in their self esteem and emotional landscape. A few moments can save someone’s arm, someone’s life.


Living In A Post Injury Reality

In a post injury reality it’s hard to be arrogant. It’s hard to be narcissistic. It’s hard to be an A–hole. It’s hard to be egotistical after not being able to move a body part for 6 months.


It’s hard to be self absorbed when someone you didn’t know gave you their best talents and some of the finest hours of their life and energy to make you normal again.


And there’s people much less fortunate than me that never regain full use after an injury and amputees.


It almost makes you wish all the brash, superficial, entitled braggarts and bullies on the planet would experience this because it seems it would be the only thing (along with serious illness) to make them look deeper at themselves and their personal defects and change into better upgraded versions of themselves.


Ironically it’s those very people who are not emotionally and psychologically fit enough to cope with a negative life event like a serious injury that puts you out of commission. It’s crushing and they’re actually really soft and vulnerable to begin with, which is why they bark the loudest and try to scare and intimidate people—it’s to protect their fragile tender insides. They can’t hide from or fool those of us with post injury eyes.


Paradigm Shift Of Priorities

It’s hard to take your body and your health for granted as well in a post injury reality. Why abuse your body with poor quality food or drug use? You don’t feel the gradual degradation over time as noticeably this way but it will happen.


With a traumatic injury, the degradation is INSTANT. The road to recovery isn’t.


So I don’t wait for magic pills and magic cures. I started taking my long term health by the reins in high school with weightlifting and regular exercise. I then phased out soda, candy, sugar and junk food and began eating cleaner healthier Organic foods later on.


Gradual movements over time will get you you there—The same way I learned to use my arm again.


You can live without your dream job, dream house, dream relationship, being in love, finding your Soulmate, all those things and still have a fun, fulfilling life and a great quality of life. A lot of people have a hard time believing that.


It’s a foreign concept to me. Things like this are much more primal. If you don’t have usage of an arm, leg or properly functioning body, your quality of daily life will never be the same. Those of us who’ve had these kind of experiences know this. I live in a post injury reality and it’s colored my life lenses ever since.


So I consider myself very fortunate. Most people don’t take the time to realize this about themselves just as they are right now with fully functional arms and legs.


Don’t wait for a license to enjoy life from someone else or external circumstances to magically change. To this day, it doesn’t take much for me to be happy and enjoy life. I’m always planning my next adventure, working on my next project.


Learn to appreciate simple joys in life and to celebrate daily life. The joy of taking a walk, the joy of hearing birds sing. The joy of a wonderful meal with family or friends. Don’t waste your life sitting at a desk even if you have to for income. Get outside now and then and make a date with nature. It’ll always look better in person than on your TV, phone or computer screen.


Watch a child discover the joys of doing something for the first time like whistling or snapping their fingers. You were that way once too. What happened? I hope you don’t need an injury to realize it and get back to that state of mind. Children have what are called “Beginner’s minds” And Beginner’s minds are never cynical and deflated of wonder.


The Universal Currency Of Gratitude

Yes my Surgeon was paid for his skills and orthopedic expertise but I can never repay him for what the operation was actually worth. Beings beyond our little economy here in this dimension are the bookeepers for that kind of currency.


So consider this my tribute to a man who doesn’t need to be named. It’s comforting knowing there’s even one person like him on the planet and his bank account for gratitude towards him will always be in the positive. Even if I’m the only one, though I am certainly not. There are thousands he healed and helped in his 8 decades on the planet.


The Surgeon I mention left the Earth plane this year (2017). I rarely saw this man. Yet over the years I always thought about him a lot. And I still have a connection to him I do not fully understand. We are somehow related on a different level than family and there is a closeness that far exceeds the amount of time we crossed each other’s paths in our respective walks through life.


I’ve come to realize he was an Artist like me only he doesn’t sign his works. Now you know I’m one of them.

Oh, and I can touch my shoulder again.


© Composer Yoga

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Spiritual Consequences Of Sexual Harassment

On this planet, even Mother Teresa would post #MeToo.


Sad but true. Most everyone has been aware of Sexual Harassment long before Alyssa Milano and the #MeToo tag and posts across Twitter, Facebook and the other virtual continents of social media. And the majority of women victimized by it weren’t anywhere near the Entertainment Industry or a dream stained casting couch.


I’ve heard stories from women I know over the years from music, dance, modeling, Hollywood and everyday life at corner package stores and checkout lines.


It’s amazing still hearing men using the “She was dressed provocatively” excuse in their defense. Guys, You learned to control your bowels at around 3 years old so why is this so difficult? There’s also “primitive” societies around the world where women walk around nearly nude and topless due to the climate who aren’t sexually harassed so what’s your excuse?


Granted the people that really need to read this article and take a deep look at themselves and their behavior are the ones who won’t bother. Their ego, arrogance, narcissism and sense of entitlement form a massive wall of denial that excuses their behavior to themselves.


But the fact of the matter is even if you don’t ever get caught or sued in a legal setting, there ARE consequences of Sexual Harassment beyond just your Human life.


The What And Why Of Sexual Harassment

Let’s call it for what it is on the spectrum of Higher Consciousness: Sexual Harassment is spiritually pathetic. It’s another example of DNA at it’s lowest level of expression—the toxic cacophony that includes power, war, terrorism, tribalism, religious fanaticism, mental rigidity, gang violence, racism, and sexism among others.


See the behavior for what it is. Sexual Harassment is done by those with lower consciousness so don’t be fooled by someone’s back account, success or level of fame.


Sexual Harassment is about power but ironically it’s done by those without power—Spiritual power. The economic and social power that the abuser often has is temporary and positional. Spiritual power isn’t and doesn’t depend on others fearing you or being subordinate to you in any way. You can still have Spiritual power stranded on a deserted island. Your economic and social power? Forget it. The palm trees don’t give a rat’s ass you’re a CEO, film mogul, famous athlete or media personality.


Sexual Harassment is done by men who have no authentic Spiritual practice and have no greater experiences and pursuits than sex and money.


There’s also men who pose as enlightened gurus and use spirituality as a ruse to sexually harass and abuse their female followers. This is particularly heinous due to the ongoing psychological manipulations and long term damage to victims who are often young and underage.


On a deeper level, the current form of Humanity is a primitive species. Earth is one of the lower worlds. Our sun is a small star so Humanity doesn’t grow at a faster pace in consciousness. If our sun was bigger it would send out more energy which causes greater and faster Spiritual Growth. These aren’t easy things to hear because it’s not the “pat on the back” anthropocentric view of ourselves we like mirrored back at us in TV, film, literature and religion.


The fact is, we’re a long way from the evolved culture portrayed in Star Trek.


Poor Role Models

From Hollywood to Hip Hop, the prizes most often portrayed across culture and media are money and women. Men fantasize about a Hugh Hefner Playboy life like there’s nothing higher than it or the Universe has nothing grander and beyond those in the vaults of Infinity.


There’s more scum in Hollywood than Mos Eisley spaceport.


Millions are stuck in the culturally fixated worship of he benchmarks of materialism: money, power and sex.


Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Bill Cosby, some presidents, actors and professional athletes, the list goes on and on. You don’t have to look too deeply to find entitled bulldog egos in the kind of men who sexually harass women. Some hide it better than others as that’s why it’s called acting. The public sees their “fame face” and thinks that’s who they are 24/7.


The sad reality is, I live on a planet where people are constantly excusing the behavior of abusers because of their money, power and fame. It’s like they cannot believe people who’ve attained the success they dream of are capable of such behavior.


If you have to excuse or defend your heroes, get better heroes.


How about raising the bar? There are male role models like Yogananda and the Dalai Lama. Find any dirt on men like them. You also don’t need to excuse, rationalize, defend or intellectualize away their behaviors because there aren’t ethical violations on other people. Look up to role models who live a higher degree of ethics.


The Human experience is too limited for Yogis who seek to transcend it. They don’t wish to get bogged down in the endless addictions, distractions and attachments on the Earth Plane and actively practice to rise above it.


If you need a more “down to Earth” role model, Paul Newman was light years from douchebag as well. Look at all the positive charitable things he did with his wealth and fame. That’s called GRATITUDE, which is a polar opposite of ego, arrogance, entitlement and narcissism. His legacy isn’t stained with shame and disgrace or the Karmic damage incurred when abusing the gifts of wealth, fame and power.


Deeper Consequences

If you mistreat any girl or woman, how is the Divine Mother ever going to like that? People with lower consciousness do not have such forethought and don’t believe there are consequences to their actions outside of this dimension. And that is beyond dead wrong as they will not be pleasantly surprised by.


You can’t hide from or fool Divine Beings. They see you on levels you cannot even see yet. Only an unconscious person ignores that fact and violates the freewill of others for their own needs or addictions. Doing so is sociopathic behavior. Sociopaths have little to no concern for how their behavior affects others. The also do not care about the consequences of their behavior.


You can’t wear the Halloween costume of lip service faith, and be the “Go to church on Sundays” crowd and expect it to pass off as genuine to Beings with Higher Consciousness. You can hide your behaviors and thoughts from your friends, family, co–workers and neighbors but not them.


Those who get away with Sexual Harassment, they’re only getting away with it on Earth.


Keep that in mind. With behaviors like Sexual Harassment, doorways to Higher Consciousness and greater powers will be closed to abusers. Such abuse is not evolved behavior and definitely not looked upon favorably. The material powers of money, fame and status abusers wield on Earth are small change compared to what’s out there in Higher Dimensions.


When you commit Sexual Harassment, rape, sexual abuse, molestation, domestic abuse you are disrespecting the Divine Mother—which is part of you and everyone, part of WHAT is sustaining your own life. There is enormous negative Karma for doing such things against forces that sustain you. These are all very deep spiritual crimes that cause lasting psychic damage to victims. And that Karmic boomerang you set in motion doing such acts will return to the red handed source of the reckless ripple better than laser guided munitions one way or another.


Higher Ethics

God, the Creator, or whatever you want to call the ultimate creative energy of the Universe, manifests itself in countless forms yet still exists outside of all form and beyond all form. And all Gods and Goddesses are part of the Body of God. Beings who are beyond form can manifest in a myriad of forms to better connect with people and races at a more familiar comfortable relatable level of their understanding.


The Divine Mother can manifest as Mary and fiercer forms like Durga and Kali, the Goddess of the Siddhas. Even Yogis who don’t want to or need to be with women anymore still honor and seek the Divine Feminine archetypal energy of the Universe. So it may only appear as “renunciation” at an Earthy level. Both male and female energies are needed to become more of the whole.


And to pass the tests of Kali, one has to have zero impurities as she sees all your flaws, all your darkness. All such dreck must be burned away before she grants one passage to the level of consciousness of a Siddha. Needless to say, Sexual Harassment is not something the fierce Mother Goddess looks kindly upon. She cannot be bought, tricked or coerced. Billionaires are still ants compared to the wattage she cranks out. And anyone who wants to dance with Kali, best be sure their hand or even thoughts don’t slip inappropriately.


It’s hard to prevent antisocial and predatory behavior in people who are so unconscious, asleep and spiritually poor they don’t understand the value of a clean conscience. And millions or billions of dollars can never buy it.


Worldly money, power and fame do not by themselves give Higher Consciousness. Instead they more often become stumbling blocks to it. The observation Jesus made over 2,000 years ago about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man getting into Heaven is just as accurate today, perhaps more so in our time period with it’s greater wealth and power lateralization and panoplies of distractions.


Still, there are advanced Yogis whom all worldly pursuits are a joke to, a waste of their time on the planet. The things most men seek are bread crumbs compared to the forces they are connected to. The abilities and experiences that are normal for people at their level of consciousness are off the scale of the material world. Even a few appetizers of experiences from these Greater Realms and it’s all over for many.


You really can get to this point without even being advanced. It’s surprising. It makes you see human life from a higher plateau how “lost in matter” most people are because you have reacquainted with yourself on higher more subtle levels of the ultimate reality of YOU, which your physical human body form is only a small part.


In my pursuits towards Higher Consciousnss, I’ve had encounters with fiercer facets of the Divine Mother (Divine Archetypal Female Energies) in the forms of Durga and Kali. Kali hammered myself and another friend of mine—lots of energetic and emotional upheaval.


Durga has periodically dredged up several dark internal weeds and energetic albatross anchors in me as well. All these occurred during voluntary practices and ceremonies mind you. Furthermore, my friend and I haven’t committed the devolved behaviors of the abuses and transgressions against women mentioned here.


The Divine Mother’s standards of purity and integrity far exceed and are far more rigorous than Man’s. This is what is meant that the Divine Mother, with your permission and request, will knock all darkness and impurities out of you to hammer out the sword of your spine to her precision forging and attunements. These were unbeneficial things inside me I myself could not yet perceive and I’ve been on this path for a few decades. And those were kind, friendly wallops. For the men guilty of the topics in this article, what do you think you’re going to get?


What’s going to happen to you when meet more powerful female energies in this Universe who do not require bodies, meaning your physical size and strength as a man in a mortal frame does not apply? Ever think about that?


And with that, Sexual Harassment is seen as another form of spiritual poverty in the person who engages in such behavior—Someone who is asleep, a soul still in diapers who hasn’t passed even entry level soul tests.


And they not only accrue heapings of negative Karma for hurting others but close doors to themselves to wealth beyond their limited levels of understanding all for small temporary pleasures.


And moreover, worldly success does not hide spiritual failures.

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