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Atomic Punk

Amazing Instrumentals

Move over lead singer–the hot spot and groupies go to instrumentals here. Too bad you’ll have to catch another limo at the backstage door but do say “hi” to the Jukebox Hero standing in the the rain. Maybe even spot him a few bucks so he can buy a beatup 6 string at a secondhand store. Some of these “Songs Without Words” have hit the radio and some you may not have ever heard before. And “What are words for?” asked Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. Well in this column they’re OVERRATED just like the girl that Kingdom Come song is about. These songs help facilitate better Instru–Mental Health and if Romantic Composer Felix Mendelssohn was on Facebook, he’d be liking this right now.

Awesome 80s

Closet Singles

There is SO MUCH great music out there!! This is the segment where we’ll highlight songs that “Coulda been a contender.” Don’t feel sad there Marlon Brando, you WERE a contender having been mentioned in David Bowie’s “China Girl.” These are songs we refer to as “Closet Singles” and aim to sing their praises and give them a coming out party almost as good as Diana Ross could.

Convincingly Sung By A Gay Man

French 80’s

Going Solo

Hair Metal Heaven

Laugh Tracks

Musical Mantras, Axe–ioms & Six String Wisdom

More Cowbell!!

Primal Scream Therapy

This series highlights those masters of intestinal intensity and the tracks they do it on: The lion roars in rock, metal, and other genres of music; The bonecrushing Banshee screams, throat thunder, diaphragm hammers, and sonic salvos from the lungs of Zeus. We’re not down with PYT here…we’re down with PST, so let’s get on that ferocious Freudian couch and show me a Roar Face!!

R&B Hive

Sound Mines

Deep cuts into the Rock of Ages.

Timeless Riffs

When In Doubt, Listen To Man With Longer Beard: Meditation, Aphorisms & Yoga Sage Brushes With Wisdom

A grocery list of things learned from life and various approaches to living exploring Creativity & Spirituality—being an artist, student of meditation, regular fasting & yoga, internal yearning towards higher consciousness and becoming a more creative being for positive transformation. These are general principles and observations I try to live by and navigate the wilderness of Maya with. Some are Confucius sounding hence the jest with the title if the long bearded Chinese sage wanted to narcissistically self–aggrandize himself. Batches of Zen Brownies—Tasty, mouth–watering morsels to reduce consumption of bad karma and sweeten the recipe of your life 🙂

Whole Lotta Lists

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