When In Doubt, Listen To Man With Longer Beard:

Meditations, Aphorisms & Yoga Sage Brushes With Wisdom

You COULD spend hundreds or thousands on workshops, seminars and retreats and still get LESS

This book is several things: Fermented Wisdom for modern life; Sound advice on the Zen of Living to help you avoid the pitfalls and minefields that impede growth and keep you stuck;  A tribute to Yogananda’s Spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi and Lao Tzu’s the Tao Te Ching written in the spirit and tradition of both. The first part of the book chronicles the Author’s journey with meditation, diet, travel, meeting Masters, and visiting different power spots on the planet, particularly in India, seeking expanded consciousness.

The book then segues into the results of this multifaceted journey: A collection of sayings and observations emerging gradually after years of meditative practice and interaction with several highly evolved teachers and locations. These “snapshots” downloaded from higher states of consciousness will help improve different aspects of your life and provide another signpost for your own personal journey towards higher consciousness and transformation.

Give The Gift Of Inspiration

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Kegwell & Cigaretoric: A Presidential Debate

Have some laughs at politicians’ expense!!

Political parody and satire at its absolute finest. And you thought Trump and Hillary were scraping the bottom of the barrel and blowing smoke! Meet two candidates that TRUMP Trump and Clinton. Get ready for two Senators straight from the Special Interest sewer vying for your vote. Two pompous overprivileged politicians, a cigarette and a beer can, duke it out and get down and dirty to be your party of choice in a clever witty blend of humor, satire and parody.

Kegwell & Cigaretoric: A Presidential Debate is a mockingly magnificent mash up of partisan politics and the polarized news media that hits a bit too close to home. It’s an ingenious tour de force of puns and word play both whimsical and entertaining, an equal opportunity lambaster, a thoroughly enjoyable political and cultural parody that throws a few catapults worth of tomatoes in several directions. Will a candidate show his true colors? Will something else show it’s colors and crash the party? Trouble may be brewing on this Campaign Trail Of Tears…

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